The idea about the Deepsky-Database

The DSDB contains the complete catalogue of Messier, NGC and IC with more than 13'000 objects beyond our solar system.

Our plan is to create a platform for observers - beginner and professional similarly. To achieve this, we use free scheduler, skycharts and observations logs.

The DSDB is espaccially made for beginners, who are not know, what to observe with there equipement. For these we calculated the skilllevel of each object, based on brightnes, size and other values. Skillevel 1 (SI1) can be seen with naked eyes under good conditions. SI5 is for the big telescopes.

Photographically, you can try each object ;)

We get the data by many free-to-use sources and complete them by own researched values. Sure, it's possible that you find an error. Please fell free to tell this to me or use the button made for.

User cab registrat for free and create a porfile with there location and oberserver data. So we can calculate the values for altitude, weather and much more. It is also possible to write logs and upload pictures.

Ads? Why?
The Deepsky-Database contains many hours of work, espaccially for keeping it updated. I make this for free. But the server must be paid and for this I present some ads. Please resspect this and deactivate a eventually existing ad-blocker. Thanks!

Many thanks to:

  • Toshimi Taki for the skycharts of constellations
  • Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (also known as DSS-Team or Digitized Sky Survey) for the permission for direct loading of object images
  • In addition to this: now I have the permission to cache the dss images locally on my server to present them directly. With this the loading time will be much shorter. Again: many thanks!
  • Bill Gray for his help on the new skycharts
  • the user of the Forum ATDS for testing, debugging and completing
  • and the team behind this project